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Good Brand Design. Does It Really Matter?

Good brand design is essential for any enterprising business small, medium or large.

A brand is an idea; an image; a concept; a belief and a promise. It is something that gives your customers the assurance that by dealing with you rather than with your competitors they have made the right decision.

It’s the ‘name’ of the game: One of the key elements to building a strong brand identity is choosing a good name. For instance, think of Google or iPhone, two of the most successful brands of recent times. The first one is so successful that it has turned into a vowel EG “just google it”. What makes name’s like Google and iPhone clever is the way they make powerful allusions to the nature of the respective companies’ businesses. In the case of iPhone the allusion is to an intelligent mobile communication (futuristic). With Google, the allusion is to an extremely large number (ten to the power of one hundred) and hence to a massive web index.

Make it memorable: When creating a brand name you should attempt to convey the essence of your product in such a way that it forms an emotive impression in the minds of your customers; for example, if your business is all about bespoke tailoring, then your brand should look refined and luxury, if it is about cars or transport it could convey movement and feel dynamic.

However this method is not for every business type and will depend on where you want to position yourself in your market. If your business goals are big then getting help from a branding professional will ensure your business name matches your vision. A good brand designer will be able to match your business name and ideas with the perfect types face or logo design – helping you get the right look for your business.

You could use a motif to represent your business name. A good brand design example is the Nike ‘tick’, however it takes a long time to establish this kind of brand awareness with customers. So unless you are already big brand start off by including your business name and strap line within your brand identity at least until your business has become well known within your market place.

Less is more: In the modern world of limited attention spans, keeping your brand identity simple in shape and form will help it stand out and become easy to remember. Ensure your logo or brand can be reproduced accurately across all the forms of media ( Print, Web and Video ). Your brand design should be able to be redrawn with reasonable accuracy after viewing it for only a few seconds. If not, you might want to refine it.

Whether you are looking to improve customer loyalty or give your business a much needed makeover, FIRE Creative specialise in helping SMEs small or large create and build brands that ignite their customers desires.