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CANAL Architectural.  Architectural brochure design for a company who specialise 
in the design, manufacturer and installation of bespoke staircases, balustrades and
architectural metalwork.


A large proportion of CANAL’S business is conducted through major trade shows and exhibitions. While the first brochure design was well received it was now out dated. They
now needed a second brochure to build on their success by showcasing and promote their most recent 

With so many great new architectural staircase and balustrade design examples to choose from the biggest challenge for FIRE was to create a brochure design that would not only live up to the success of first brochure but feature projects that fully reflected CANALs growing architectural capabilities.


A visit to CANAL’s HQ and workshop quickly uncovered a number of key manufacturing processes that would steer the architectural brochure design away from looking like a product style catalogue.  With a target audience ranging from Architects, specifiers, builders and even residential home owners making the brochure desirable would be key.

19 projects were finally selected as best representing CANAL’s latest architectural work. Photographer Mark Reeves was commissioned to photograph a newly completed Keith Willis balustrade project as well as taking the workshop shots featured throughout brochure.

The Result

Continuity of the new brand style and the businesses brand messaging were used to capture the magnificence of each individual piece while the black & white photography helped capture the essence of CANALs heritage and personality.

Since it’s launch back in 2011 the brochure design has not only helped the business build brand awareness but given the architectural sales and marketing team a power tool to generate leads and sales.

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