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Advertising Campaign for CANAL Architectural. A trading division of Canal Engineering Limited specialise in the design, manufacturer and installation of bespoke staircases, balustrades and architectural metalwork.


CANAL Architectural is the more glamorous division at CEL with a target audience and client base that ranges from commercial and residential Architects, interior designers, specifiers and self builders.

With a large proportion of their business being conducted through major trade shows and exhibitions such as 100% Design and Eco Build in London, CANAL needed a profile-raising advertising campaign that would broaden its appeal to new and existing customers.


With scale, competence and desirability being key to creating buy-in from the target audience, the advertising needed to be compelling. The ‘Steel a Glance’, Steel The Show’ and ‘Steel Your Heart’ campaign was developed to do just that, by tapping into buyers aspirations while the photography helped reinforce the size and scale of CANAL’s capabilities.

The Result

Since the advertising campaign launched it has helped positioned CANAL Architectural as a major player in the design, manufacturer and installation of premium bespoke staircases, balustrades and architectural metalwork. The advertising has played a vital role in helping the division break into Europe and the far east market – raising the brands profile globally.

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